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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 4, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. and breaking now, march madness. the coldest night in decades grips much of the nation. zero degrees outside washington, d.c. drivers stuck for 16 hours on icy interstates. and as the ice thickens across the north, when will we begin to see warmer temperatures? also breaking, vladimir putin speaks out for the first time on the crisis in ukraine with stern words for the west. as russian troops fired warning shots at an air base. and secretary of state john kerry arriving in the ukrainian capital at this hour. new this morning. emotions running high in court at the high-stakes trial of oscar pistorius. two of his neighbors testifying about the screams moments before his girlfriend was shot. ♪ i got a feeling
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>> danceoff. and we've got a feeling this is the hottest "dancing with the stars" cast yet. the new contestants revealed exclusively in just moments with their pro partners. lara is in l.a. for our special live event. >> are you ready, america? only on "gma." i love this gig. ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night ♪ good morning, america. there is all kinds of excitement out there in l.a. our live announcement in just over an hour. >> oh, look at them. already up bright and early on this fat tuesday. amy is here back from sochi here because lara is there in l.a. for some big surprises. lara. >> hi, robin. hi, you all. you will not believe who is in the cast this season. but i do have one hint for you. it is a golden group. more to come later. >> always good with those clues. thank you, lara.
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we'll have more on that later. right to the breaking story on the crisis in ukraine. a very tense situation growing as russian president putin makes his first comments this morning. abc's terry moran is there on the front lines for us. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, dramatic fast-breaking developments here this morning. the first shots fired in those tense standoffs between russian and ukrainian forces. and vladimir putin speaking out, defiantly defending this invasion and threatening to go even further. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: this morning a scene of incredible bravery and patriotism at the air base here, ukrainian soldiers unarmed march forward under their nation's flag and a world war ii battle flag to confront the russian forces. the russians fire warning shots into the air. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the commanders negotiate. the ukraine yans propose jointly guarding their base.
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but the standoff continues. in moscow putin spoke with reporters describing this invasion as a humanitarian mission and calmly declaring his troops could move further into ukraine if locals requested assistance. a map shows why this region is so crucial. ukraine along russia's southern border. and there in the south, jutting into the waters of the black sea the crimean peninsula home to a critical russian navy base. in the nearby border of sevastopol, russian warships block a ukrainian navy vessel, tightening their noose. while in istanbul, turkey, 800 miles away, two more russian vessels likely heading toward crimea. we spoke with the ukrainian soldier on guard at another base now surrounded by russian troops. are you okay? for many ukrainians it is just too much. you want the russian soldiers to go home. "yes, go home to their families," he says. our abc news colleague alex marquardt is at that base where the shots were fired. he's talked to ukrainian soldiers. they say they will fight. all of these developments, especially what putin is saying,
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throwing down the gauntlet to president obama and the west, what are they going to do about this? >> thanks, terry. we're going to go to kiev where secretary of state kerry has just arrived. martha raddatz is there. any reaction yet to the comments from president putin? >> all the way over on plane, george, secretary kerry was talking to the staff about deescalating the situation. calming things down. he brought an aid package. he arrived and hears about the comments putin made. i followed secretary kerry through the scare of the fallen, shouti ining several times, do have a reaction to what president putin said? he basically turned away and kept walking. i think we'll hear reaction later today. this is not what he wanted to hear. now they're in a dangerous game of chicken, while the united states is trying to calm things down and keep the you
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people down. >> it could be tough to get sanctions in place for this invasion? >> reporter: it could. they have the $1 billion loan assistance guarantee. on the plane, senior administration officials talked about sanctions. they said they would probably bring sanctions or try to bring sanctions within days, not weeks. they said something else. they will calibrate the response. the u.s. and nato will calibrate the response based on what vladimir putin does. he just made a very provocative move, a very provocative statement. >> if he goes further, it could escalate. matha, thank you very much. robin? the other big story. the endless winter.
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record-setting lows leaving people stuck on the ice in texas. ryan owens has that story. >> reporter: texans can only hope this morning's commute will not be a repeat of monday's which included a 30-mile backup on interstate 45 between dallas and houston. carol williams and her dog spent sunday night on the highway. she took this cell phone video during her nearly 16 hours of gridlock. >> everyone just shut off their headlights. we all knew we were there for the night. >> reporter: ice and snow causing crashes across the country. >> once we get to these 5-tree, -- 5-degree, single-digit type temperatures, it's a real challenge to keep ice off the road. >> reporter: in virginia they're hoping liquid magnesium, so-called super de-icer with a freezing point of minus 26 degrees will keep ice from reforming. overnight big cities flirting with all-time low temperatures for march. pittsburgh's record, 1 below. washington, d.c.'s, just 4 degrees.
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>> they get the snowplows out. >> reporter: at reagan airport outside d.c., more than 700 flights canceled in just 24 hours. more than 2900 nationwide. this season's winter weather costing passengers, airlines, and airports an estimated $5.8 billion. >> wow. our thanks to ryan owens on that. the latest on this cold and when is it going to end? >> i've got both of those answers. but some pretty dramatic news out of houston this morning. tens of thousands without power in parts of texas. you're seeing this picture, the trucks off the road freezing rain has been falling for a couple of hours. and it's really going to be a wreck anywhere from austin through houston this morning. and they will eventually warm up. but this is the radar from earlier. just really, really messy stuff. now i wanted to show you the cold. it is the coldest fat tuesday for new orleans since 1989. the windchill this morning, subfreezing all the way south to san antonio. it's 6 in chicago. pittsburgh, 7.
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washington, d.c., at 5 and that warmup i promised you. yes, some milder air is coming. a hint of spring by the end of the week, especially on the east coast. look at atlanta right up there at 71. things will be improving, i promise but i told you, josh, when we were talking on the plane yesterday, march doesn't look so good. let's talk about that. >> turns out she's been hiding the 28-day forecast from us. let me tell you. nobody wants it. you don't want it. >> another kind of march madness. >> we'll see it. i'm going to show you. >> thank you, ginger. the other stories right now. josh? we'll begin with a rare occurrence in the u.s. military this morning an army general goes on trial accused of sexual assault. it is a charge that could land him in prison for life. brigadier general jeffrey sinclair who was removed from command in afghanistan, is only the third general to face court-martial in more than half a century. he admits having a three-year affair with a junior officer but denies any assault. the case comes as the pentagon and congress address a surge in reported sexual assaults in the
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armed forces. meantime, a new cheating scandal in the military, 40 freshman cadets could be expelled from the air force academy for allegedly cheating in chemistry. last month dozens of nuclear missile launch officers were suspended in a separate cheating investigation. criminal charges can now be filed against a snowboarder who stands accused of triggering a killer avalanche in montana. dozens of neighbors rushed to rescue three people trapped in the snow, which barreled down the mountain at some 180 miles per hour. one of those victims who was rescued three hours after the avalanche has now died. police say the snowboarder was trespassing when he set off the avalanche. new video this morning to show you of a volcano erupting and sending thousands of people running for cover in guatemala. ash shot two miles into the sky. 3,000 people are on standby to evacuate. and some new details about that $10 million in buried gold
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found by a california couple in their backyard. turns out the coins may have been stolen during a heist at the san francisco mint back in 1899. a local collector actually found an old newspaper article on the heist. roughly the same amount of gold was stolen, according to newspaper reports. and the coins were newly minted, just like the ones found in that backyard. so we can untangle about 150 years of history, well. a delicate rescue operation is under way, robin, you'll be happy, to save the priceless corvettes -- >> oh. >> -- swallowed by that huge sinkhole at the national corvette museum. two of the eight cars have been pulled from the 30-foot crater and when they turned the keys on them, the first one started up. >> american made. >> we'll have updates as news becomes available. finally, boy, king james.
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it's as though that doesn't even fit after last night. lebron james went for 61, count 'em, 61 points. >> yeah, he did. >> most he's actually ever scored in a game. hit his first eight three-pointers. just took 33 shots on the night to score 61 points and scored 25 points in the third quarter alone, and, oh, by the way, also dropped five dimes and five assists, and, is still, regardless of the color, rocking what has to be the coolest mask ever worn by a man who also suffered a broken nose in the year. after the win he said this and i quote the man above has given me some unbelievable abilities to play the game of basketball. can i get an amen? >> amen, amen, brother. >> some good gratitude there. >> even though they changed the color of the mask. >> totally cool. it's all right. >> thanks, josh. the latest on our country's fastest growing crime. more that 1.5 million smartphones are stolen every year. and now there's a major new push for phone companies to do more to protect their consumers. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has the details from washington.
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good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. smartphone theft has become epidemic. hard to believe but thieves will kill you for your phone. it can happen so fast. watch as this thief snatches a victim's smartphone on a washington, d.c. subway. he takes the phone. the victim chases, but this race is not close. the crook easily escapes. in philadelphia, thieves race across the street to rob this young man at gunpoint. they methodically search him and steal his cell phone. to many criminals, cell phones are as valuable as cash. >> today in the united states, 1 in 3 robberies and thefts involves a smartphone. >> reporter: in 2012 alone, there were an estimated 1.6 million cell phone thefts across the country. robberies that are sometimes violent. police say 23-year-old megan boken, a former volleyball star at st. louis university, was gunned down for her iphone 18 months ago. >> she was targeted because she was talking on her smartphone. at the time she was talking to her mother just checking in. >> megan was the kind of person you could always count on to
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brighten your day. >> reporter: boken's family joined new york authorities monday calling on smartphone companies to design a kill switch, which would essentially render the phones useless upon theft. >> that will remove the incentive for anyone to steal a smartphone. >> reporter: the cell phone companies say they are trying to develop technologies to assist but worry that changes might make smartphones more vulnerable to hacking. but critics say the phone companies are reluctant because they typically sell a new phone every time one is stolen. >> they're making $30 billion, $40 billion, $50 billion a year on new phone sales. they're making a fortune on this and they don't want to lose it. well, shame on them. >> reporter: while the debate continues, a word of advice for our friends at home. be careful where you're using your phone in public. robin? >> you're right about that. pierre, thank you. now to a break in a mysterious murder case in aspen. the first murder there in 12 years. a couple is in custody this morning charged with killing longtime resident nancy pfister who was found dead in her home
7:14 am
last week. abc's bazi kanani has the story. >> reporter: this morning investigators in a small resort town of aspen, colorado, believe they know who is responsible for the death of nancy pfister, a 57-year-old philanthropist found dead in her home last wednesday. >> they were tenants of miss pfister starting end of november possibly the beginning of december. >> reporter: pfister was renting her home out to this middle-aged married couple, william and nancy styler, while she was on an extended trip to australia. pfister returned to her home just days before her body was found writing on her facebook wall in january, i'd like to stay in australia but the people that were supposedly taking care of my house are not doing what they said they would do. and they're not paying rent and they haven't paid utilities. >> i have no idea how someone could do something like that and especially to her. and i think that, you know, my
7:15 am
mom could never hurt anything or hurt anyone. and that is one thing that everyone that knew her knew. >> reporter: the stylers have been charged with first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for what investigators believe happened inside this picturesque mountain chalet. >> she cared about a lot of people. and she helped the wrong people this time. >> reporter: pfister's daughter juliana, among so many in disbelief, in a community where it's been more than a decade since the sheriff's office had a murder case. in fact, authorities initially assumed it must have been a suicide. >> this has been a shock to the aspen community because murder and really any violent crime is something we don't have here. >> reporter: nancy pfister was known for making friends easily and for having many of them. even the sheriff here considered her a good friend. and he is not talking about a motive or cause of death. autopsy results are not in yet. >> bazi, thank you very much. first murder there in some 12 years.
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we switch gears to that undercover boss who appears to have taken his tv persona too far. mitchell modell, the ceo of modell sporting goods is being sued for impersonating a rival company's executive, all to uncover that company's trade secrets. rebecca jarvis with that. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning. this is just bizarre. when you think of corporate espionage, this is not what comes to mind. the chief executive of one of the oldest sporting goods companies in the country going undercover at his competitor's store in disguise. but that's exactly what a new lawsuit alleges. >> i just saw it. i'm going to go undercover. >> reporter: he is the undercover boss who donned a shaved head and mustache on reality tv to spy on his employees. >> can't get his arm in here. >> reporter: but this morning, mitchell modell, ceo of modell's sporting goods, facing some real-life drama, as his competition alleges he carried out his own undercover mission to scope out their operations. in a lawsuit filed in superior court, heavyweight competitor
7:17 am
dick's sporting goods claiming modell snuck into one of its new jersey locations posing as a dick's senior executive named joseph. the same fake name he used on the show. and after maneuvering his way in, allegedly convinced employees to show him private backrooms, even persuading them to give up trade secrets. >> this case is really unprecedented. he gets a new persona just like he did on his tv show and went into the nonpublic areas. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit, modell was accompanied on the undercover visit by an unidentified woman and pretended he was there to meet with dick's ceo edward stack. modell's tells abc news it's aware of the lawsuit but is declining to comment. in a statement dick's sporting goods telling abc news it takes seriously the protection of its confidential and proprietary information. >> i think that modell is going to have to settle the suit, agree to an injunction that he
7:18 am
will never do it again, and will probably have to issue a public statement. and this is going to come back to haunt him. >> reporter: dick's is seeking unspecified damages and wants to block modell from using any of those trade secrets he allegedly uncovered on his undercover visit. they're also seeking to ban modell and any of his employees from ever entering nonpublic areas at a dick's. >> he's got such a high profile. how could he think he could get away with something like that? >> if it's true, it's pretty brazen. >> i'll say. okay, rebecca, thanks very much. okay, ginger, you promised us this long-range outlook. i'm not sure we want it but go ahead. >> probabilities so not necessarily a forecast but probabilities that you'll be much below average and below average. so find your place. if you're in madison, wisconsin, or minneapolis, chicago, march, in general, not looking so great. but you go southwest where it has been dry and just had that brief wet and cold time. it looks like most of march is going to go the opposite way and start to dry out and get warmer. here's what we'll do today. new orleans, all that action happening there today. it is going to be a cold wet
7:19 am
rain, 43 for a high. 51 for birmingham. icy areas remember early this morning and that place that's been so warm, tucson, had their warmest winter on record. 75 today.
7:20 am
>> so here's the beauty of just below average. by this weekend we'll be in the upper 40s in new york city. it will feel tropical. huh? >> that silver lining. >> there it is. >> can we get april? how does april look? >> not yet. >> all right you two. coming up, the latest on the high-stakes trial of oscar pistorius. his neighbors are testifying about what they heard the night his girlfriend was shot and killed. a surprising case of a teenager versus her parents headed to court today. why the 18-year-old is suing over going to college. also ahead, robin thicke with a very public plea to win back wife paula patton breaking into song. and big surprises ahead in our huge "dancing with the stars" live event, the brand-new
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cast about to be revealed only on "gma." ♪ if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ ♪ if you feel like a room without a roof ♪
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[ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ] good morning. developing news in hercules where police are investigating a sexual assault against a transgender student. police say the 15-year-old who identifies as male was leaving the boys' bathroom and was forced into a handicap stall and
7:25 am
attacked by three boys yesterday. a new state law allows transgender students to use rest rooms and other school facilities consistent with his/her identity. they are investigating this as a hate crime. a busy morning commute. >> busy, wet and slippery. take care. still with the sig-alert. people are coming off 280 to eastbound 380 too fast and spinning out. that's how that car got down in the ditch. drive times heading out. out of central valley starting to ease up. antioch into concord jammed. >> thanks, sue. lisa has the bay area forecast.
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good tuesday morning. plenty of low fog and cloud delays over fso. temperatures in the 50s and looking at a dry day today. there is an outside chance of a shower. numbers in the mid 60s. then wet again tomorrow night.
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♪ there you see lara and dj kiss. we left them behind when last we left you they were in los angeles, they're still there and the dancing with the stars troupe with them, as well getting all revved up for our big exclusive announcement, the entire "dancing with the stars" cast and their partners revealed only here this morning. let the countdown clock go all for you, lara. up bright and early again this morning, lara. >> hey, robin, good morning to everybody in new york. some great contenders this season in a brand-new cast and we have one who will be racing for the win and one who may be the force behind him.
7:31 am
any thoughts? >> clues coming. yeah. >> her clues leave us clueless. >> way to go, lara. >> also this morning we turn to a surprising story of an 18-year-old suing her parents that case headed to court this morning and it's all about whether she should go to college. >> a lot of young ones sticking around for that. robin thicke's marriage reportedly on the rocks. what he then is trying to do to win back wife paula patton. >> he is going all out. right now we begin with the trial of blade runner oscar pistorius. the paralympic champ is charged with murdering his girlfriend reeva steenkamp and hamish macdonald is live in pretoria with the latest chilling testimony. hamish. >> reporter: george, it's an intense atmosphere in the courtroom. the proceedings were brought to a halt temporarily because one south african broadcaster put on television an image of a witness. now, the court guaranteed that wouldn't happen. so the judge was pretty angry.
7:32 am
but that was not the only drama this morning. in court emotions are running high this morning. >> when i'm in the shower -- >> reporter: his neighbor a university professor living 200 yards away says she was woken by blood-curdling creams in the early hour of valentine's day that coincides with the shooting of oscar's model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. this witness chose not to appear on camera. >> just before the gunshots, it was blood-curdling. you just know that a woman's life was really threatened. >> reporter: the prosecution claims there was an argument. that steenkamp fled to the bathroom with two cell phones in fear. the neighbor seems to support that idea. >> why did you decide then already it's not true, it's not right. it could not have been an intruder. >> moments before the shots were fired she had petrifying screams. i heard that female screaming fearfully. >> reporter: during cross-examination the pistorius defense team asks if there's any
7:33 am
chance it was oscar's screams she heard. mistaking it for a woman's voice. >> i can say yes i heard her screaming. >> reporter: the defense team claims pistorius used a cricket bat to beat down the bathroom door. is it possible too the neighbor heard this and confused it with gunshots. >> if the answer is yes, you say yes, if it's no, you say no. if you don't know, you say i don't know. if you don't remember, you say i don't remember. otherwise, you will be in that witness box for another day and maybe two more or the day thereafter. >> reporter: pistorius says he acted in self-defense thinking an intruder was inside the house. he had no idea he was shooting his girlfriend. >> how do you plead? >> not guilty, my lady. >> reporter: robin, don't forget the prosecution alone has called 107 witnesses so this has a long way to go yet. right now there's another
7:34 am
witness in the stand, a neighbor who lived even closer who is telling much the same story of loud screams and bang-bang. >> very chilling. hamish, thank you very much. joining us now chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams in the studio with us and nancy grace host of "nancy grace" of hln. how strong is the case against pistorius? >> well, on the outside looking in the case seems very, very strong and i base that largely upon michele berger's testimony. she states that she heard loud screams then one gunshot then three quick gunshots. that would indicate that pistorius knew it was his girlfriend before he fired. now, her testimony is under attack and not only that, this is very important, she testified through a translator and the old adage lost in translation i
7:35 am
think is going to be problems with that ear witness. >> dan, picking up on what nancy was saying there about the eyewitnesses or the ear witnesses and how powerful is what they're saying. >> they're crucial. if there was an argument followed by shots, that's devastating to pistorius' case because his position is there was no argument. maybe i was screaming because i was scared. but there was no one arguing so if you've got these ear witnesses who live nearby saying not just that they're hearing screaming but hearing an argument, that becomes incredibly powerful evidence against pistorius for murder. >> dan, that's going to be an issue because the ear witnesses over a football field length away so the defense is having a field day with that and another thing that's coming out is that the gun and the holster was kept under riva, her side of the bed so if he's out on the balcony adjusting a fan, he comes back in, hears something in the bathroom, he has to go to her side of the bed.
7:36 am
hello, didn't he notice she's not in the bed? i mean that is damning and there have been other incidents where he shot a gun in the past, once in a restaurant by accident, once outside of a sunroof in a car. you know, that's bad. >> there's a lot of talk in this case about premeditation and where -- was he wearing his prosthetics or not. to some degree that's not that important under south african law. murder is murder under south african lawyer. it doesn't matter if it was premeditated or not. can that help in sentencing, yes, but this motion there was a lot of talk about the fact that initially prosecutors had thought that he was wearing his prosthetics. >> but that dropped that. >> that's right because that could have shown premeditation, the time it took to put on the legs. now they're dropping that part of the case but it kind of doesn't matter. if there was an intent to commit murder or that argument we talked about you have an incredibly powerful murder case. >> how do you feel about that, whether or not he was wearing
7:37 am
them. >> i don't think it makes a difference. you know, with or without the blades he was extremely powerful. whether he was or not, having a gun equalizes everything. that puts him in the position of power. and let's not forget the argument that dan mentioned as being heard by the witnesses on the stand right now, about two days before, riva had met an old boyfriend innocently for coffee and pistorius called during that meeting and got really, really angry. >> let's take a step back. he shot his girlfriend in his house in the bathroom. i mean he's in a tough spot here. put aside, you know, getting into all the sort of legalities of this but the reality is he's in his own home, witnesses claim to have heard arguments. >> i don't going to meet your ex-boyfriend for coffee is illegal. it goes to motive. >> the notion we're sort of looking at this from sort of 10,000 feet, the reality is this is a very tough case for
7:38 am
pistorius and i don't think -- >> hey, dan, we're looking at it through o.j. simpson glasses where we know anything can go wrong. that's where i'm coming from. >> but a difference here is that there's not a jury in south africa. it's only the judge. >> that will make it even tougher because he has a smart judge sitting up there. look, very strong case of murder. even stronger case of the possibility what's called culpable homicide which is a lesser crime. a tough case for him. >> dan and nancy as always, appreciate you weighing in. have a good day there, nancy. >> thank you, robin. >> thank you, dan. new york city starting in the teens. chicago doing that same thing. i want to show you a shot from earlier in chicago. look at the lake. the lakes now, great lakes, 90% frozen just over that number. chicago goes to 27. a little snow moving into minneapolis. look at that high, though, baltimore, maryland, this morning, for example, having their coldest march temperature ever at 4. brrr is the big headline and more rain for parts of central
7:39 am
and northern california. that's great and a whole lot more in parts o good tuesday morning. waking up to plenty of damp pavement. numbers in the mid 60s today. >> all that weather brought to you by claritin so no matter where you're celebrating fat tuesday today, if you're in new orleans, it's wet and cold. if you're up north it's cold. >> but it's till mardi gras. >> but it's still mardi gras. doesn't matter. >> not going to feel it. >> they're not going to feel it at all. you got that right. coming up daughter versus parents. the 18-year-olds taking mom and dad to court all over going to college. and robin thicke's very public plea to his wife paula patton to take him back. come on back. ♪ hey hey hey allergies, my doctor recommended taking one claritin every day of my allergy season
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♪ without you can't help myself ♪ >> we are back now a little after 7:43 with that video of robin thicke singing "lost without you." big hit in 2007 but bringing it back pulling out all the stops to win back his wife paula patton. very public pleas. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: singer robin thicke on a mission to win back "mission: impossible" actress and wife of eight years paula patton not only counting on his
7:44 am
own love songs for reconciliation. during his atlantic city concert sunday night thicke brought into al green's hit "let's stay together," a direct message to the mother of their three 3-year-old son. >> someone yelled out. i love paula and he said, i do, too. right after that, he started singing al green's "let's stay together" which was quite romantic. >> reporter: thicke began his public begging last thursday at his first concert since the high school sweethearts announced their split last monday. >> i'm trying to get my girl back. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: then breaking into his 2007 hit "lost without you" which he says he wrote for patten. ♪ lost without you >> reporter: but while thicke continued to croon away for his lost love sunday night still wearing his wedding band, patten was sparkling on the red carpet sans ring. the about last night actress hasn't tweeted since valentine's day when she wrote i love my
7:45 am
boys, xo sending this picture presumably of her 3-year-old son's robe hanging next to thicke's. but the description of who she is on twitter still describes her as wife of the amazing brilliant genius @robinthicke. perhaps there's still hope he can sing his way back into her life after all. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> put it all together there. >> i love that song. that's all i can say. >> i think they will. they've gone through this before. they've known each other since they were in high school. >> 0 years. >> we will see. coming up here we are moments away from our big exclusive reveal of the brand-new "dancing with the stars" cast. here's one more clue. it is a "full house." >> oh, that is a big clue. >> that was not a lyrical one rhymes with. >> "play of the day," as well. can you handle it? can you handle it? go nowhere to find out. >> how do you like me now?
7:46 am
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right then, here's the "play of the day." lots to get to. the princess bride don't have enough time to explain. so let me sum up. got a 5-year-old kid. his name is sruli. a year ago he made his acting debut when his dad posted this video of him on youtube. take a look. >> you don't have to answer the question. >> i'll answer the question. you want answers? >> i think i'm entitled to them. >> you want answers? >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth! >> all right. so, of course, that's the famous speech by jack nicholson in a movie "a few good men." jimmy kimmel has him back to perform the entire monologue from "the wolf of wall street." >> go ahead. action. okay. number one rule of wall street, nobody, i don't care if you're warren buffett or if you're jimmy buffett, nobody knows if a stock is going to go up, down,
7:51 am
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good morning. san francisco police say the driver of a car lost control on wet muni tracks. a short time later a bicycle crashed on the same wet muni tracks but was not seriously hurt. is it still a little wet out there? we'll talk to meteorologist lisa argen. >> yes. low clouds and fogs having airport delays stacked over an hour. we run the risk of an outside chance of a shower today. we'll be in the mid to upper 60s. another chance of rain tomorrow night. >> roads are wet causing lots of
7:57 am
problems out there. a lot of slow traffic. in the oakland area, an accident westbound 24 just before 580. look at the backup on 80 into the bay. it's nasty on the peninsula. new accident 101 past 92. >> thank you. have a great day. by
7:58 am
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♪ good morning, america. ♪ the way that you're moving >> and are you ready to rumba? we're moments away from revealing the red hot brand-new cast of "dancing with the stars." our live and exclusive first look at the celebs headed into the ballroom this season. ♪ i got a feeling >> and which pro partners will be shimmering and salsa'ing on the floor? will derek return and is maks back to tango towards the mirrorball trophy? we are about to unveil it all, the pros, their partners. get ready to be surprised. lara live from l.a. with all the exclusive "dancing" details. >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ]
8:01 am
♪ tonight's going to be a good night ♪ >> and good morning, cheryl and tony, right there, and look at that crowd out there in l.a. this morning, everyone getting ready for the big "dancing with the stars" announcement. lara is right there with tom bergeron and erin andrews. hey, lara. >> hi, george. good morning to you and tom and erin andrews. congratulations. welcome to the "dancing with the stars" family. >> oh, thank you. >> yeah, co-host. >> yes. >> big day. we are going to announce together the new cast. >> i think that's a good idea since we're all here. >> and they have been giving me some heat in new york for my clues, and so i'm going to give you one more. one of the dancers knows how to score gold. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. >> lara, thank you. >> yeah. >> an astrophysicist. >> that's true. >> we'll get back to you guys in l.a. in just a bit. you got a party there. we got a party here.
8:02 am
in times square because it's fat tuesday. ♪ ♪ >> oh, i feel like i'm at home. i'm home. mom, i'm home. mardi gras here in times square and we also have these king cakes. >> really good. >> like a pastry, danish. and what you do, you slice the king cake, and whoever has the baby, little baby, little plastic baby, that person has to host the next -- >> so amy wanted to know, knife and fork is appropriate. >> well, we're -- >> i started just, yeah, old school. >> we're on national tv. >> i got the baby. >> oh. >> look at the little baby. >> all right. >> party at my house because i have the little baby. >> you pay?
8:03 am
>> that means that i pay for the next party. i have the next party. >> all right. >> also, enjoy the cake. take those dainty bites. you don't want to bite a plastic baby. >> so good. it's like a taste of home. it's really like a taste of home. thank you, new orleans. thank you, louisiana. we have a lot coming up here this morning. also in the news, we're going to turn to a story about an 18-year-old daughter versus her own mom and dad. the teenager taking her parents to court and this is all over money and college. we're going to have that coming up. >> that's coming up. got to get some news first from josh. george, we'll begin with a defiant russian president vladimir putin speaking out this morning and defending his invasion of ukraine. putin warned the west against imposing economic sanctions, saying any financial punishment against russia would backfire. he said his troops enter ukraine only to protect russian civilians from what he called a coup. now, tensions are higher than ever. this morning, russian troops fired warning shots against unarmed ukrainian solders. you see some of that video here. meantime, secretary of state john kerry is visiting ukraine's
8:04 am
capital today and promising $1 billion in u.s. aid. and president obama will unveil his $4 trillion election year budget plan today. it will include new tax breaks for 13 million low-income workers, but will not include proposed cuts to social security benefits. and here's one sign that the u.s. economy is on the mend. more people are driving to work. a new survey finds that congestion on the roads is 6% worse now than a year ago. and commuters in the ten most congested cities now spend an average of 47 hours per year stuck in traffic. that's more than a week's vacation. and, yes, i'm selling that to you as good news. and a federal appeals court has ordered bp to resume paying businesses that claim they suffered losses after the gulf oil spill in 2010 even if the businesses provide no proof of those losses. the oil giant stopped processing claims in december saying there would be no end to the payouts.
8:05 am
estimated losses could top $9 billion. >> lara, is that you? one other business headline this morning. radio shack plans to close as many as 1100 stores across the country as it struggles to cut costs. radio shack's stock is down sharply this morning. and finally, ooh, this is a tough one. a spontaneous salute to a brave veteran decades after he fought for his country, 95-year-old world war ii veteran joe bell dressed in full uniform to cheer on runners at a charity race in san jose. you see him there. but watch this. the runners turn tables on him. they veered off course and stopped. one by one to shake a hero's hand and to thank him for his service. it is always a wonderful time on this show when we get to do that, as well. thank you, joe bell, and all others like you for your service.
8:06 am
you truly were a part of the greatest generation. >> oh, a lot of grace there. thank you, josh. >> you bet. "pop news" coming up. let's get some weather from ginger. >> all right. and you cannot make this party go down. not with this cold. okay, so the windchills in the single digits but we're still going to have a little new orleans fun. let's talk about the forecast though. it is in the single digit windchills in a lot of places and some record lows this morning. we are starting in washington, d.c. where it's plenty cold. that fresh snow on the ground, but things will be warming up. look at a few of the hints of spring we have here. temperatures in st. louis go to 50 by the time we kick off the weekend on friday. new orleans will see close to 70 by the time you see saturday. that's a look at the big picture. let's
8:07 am
>> we want to wi >> and we want to wish a happy 50th birthday to davora and, lara, we got a couple of beads for you. >> oh, thank you, ginger. i'm going to give you the "morning menu. here's what's coming up in "pop." can amy poehler top ellen's super viral selfie? also, the 18-year-old versus her mom and dad. this teenager is taking her parents to court all about going to college, tom bergeron. >> we're not too litigious. and we are just moments away from the big reveal, the brand-new cast of "dancing with the stars." >> all coming up live on "good morning america" from los angeles and times square. ♪ "good morning america's" "morning menu" is brought to you by centrum silver multivitamins for the most amazing parts of you. we think of these years ago?" ask, "whyt
8:08 am
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8:12 am
not just ours- should be built around the career that you want. imagine that. doing the lilly ann workout. we got our hands up. oh, yeah. whoa. yeah. ooh, this is hard. >> so cute. >> come on. >> oh. >> and that is officially your adorable moment of the day. you heard it. it's the lilly ann workout. he's actually a health and wellness adviser, michael stansbury is. >> she's wiped out. >> we're trying to say he developed a 90-second routine. i think she may have developed this. it is fair to say -- >> oh. >> look at that. >> oop.
8:13 am
>> oh. >> this one. >> looks like a decent workout for dad too. >> yeah. no, everybody wins. >> she gets that serious look on her face when she comes up. >> that right there is the future olympian, and i don't mean dad. >> so cute. >> and speaking of the olympics, welcome back from sochi, russia. >> thank you. >> amy robach. >> well, speaking of babies, we begin our "pop news" with some announcements here. wonderful news for scarlett johansson. she's going to be a mom. multiple sources reporting the oscar nominated actress and her fiancee french journalist romaine douriak are pregnant with their first child. the couple, you may remember, got engaged just six months ago and the news is coming as a surprise to many in hollywood because the "avenger" star told luk just a year ago, and here was her big mistake, "i am not having kids any time soon.
8:14 am
it's not important to me." well, looks like something or someone changed her mind and, again, once you say you're never going to do something. >> it'll be two years by the time the baby comes. >> exactly. ellen's star-studded selfie is the number one retweeted image of all time, shared nearly 3 million times. but amy poehler and her buddies are trying to smash that record with this gem. take a look, poehler being supported by a galaxy of a-list comedians. paul ruud, bill hader, bill murray. turning poehler's world upside down all in the name of fun at the "vanity fair" oscar party. >> it's not going to top 3 million. it's fun. >> we're having a selfie-off. >> a selfie-off. >> have you seen the memes with that? oh, they've been funny, and those are truly mega memes. >> josh, i know you had the cute lig baby, but no "pop news" is really complete without a panda story, right. we got a baby panda story. yeah. no kid likes to go to bed early. apparently baby pandas are no different. here is wun zai at the taipei zoo. she's trying to give momma the slip.
8:15 am
momma is having none of it. momma is grabbing her and telling her, you're going to bed. and i think momma wins. apparently it was 10 minutes dragging and pulling gone viral now. >> that was our house last night. >> push along. see, that was me last night. come on, time for bed. >> a baby and a panda, you win. >> i know. >> you take my lilly anne workout and you raise me. you stared me down. i fold. i fold. you win. you win all of it. >> all right, amy, good to have you back. now to that story about the 18-year-old taking her parents to court. these a new jersey honor student suing her parents over the house rules. arguing mom and dad should pay for her education even though she moved out. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a new jersey family headed to court in a case of daughter versus parents. >> i don't know. it's going to be tough for me and my wife. it's going to be very tough. sorry. >> reporter: 18-year-old rachel canning suing her parents because she says they refuse to pay for her catholic high school education and for college next
8:16 am
fall. >> private school, new car, college education, yeah, that comes with living under our roof. >> reporter: canning claims her parents kicked her out of their home when she turned 18 last okay. her parents say they never threw rachel out, that she left voluntarily because she didn't want to follow their house rules concerning curfew and chores. either way, the honor student and athlete filed a lawsuit just days ago, and according to a new jersey newspaper, "the daily record," she's asking a judge to declare her dependent on her parents for support as a student. >> this is a case that's totally unusual. you never see a child bringing an action to enforce rights against a parent. >> reporter: "the daily record" reports that canning has been living with the family of her best friend. the friend's father, john inglesino is an attorney. 'reportedly funding the lawsuit but not representing her saying he wants canning's parents to foot the fee for legal fees too, so far totaling $13,000. >> when are you reel
8:17 am
emancipated? the date of emancipation becomes a fact-finding exploration by the courts. >> reporter: the case is now raising questions. should parents be forced it pay for their school and living costs after they turn 18? >> what she believes is that her parents had committed to see her through schooling and her career. >> reporter: her father sean says the entire ordeal is tearing his family apart. >> we'd be whole and healed as a family if she were back home and i think she's being enabled. i think she's being steered down the wrong area and it's killing us. >> reporter: abc news reached out to her about the lawsuit but has yet to hear back. today's court appearance will mark the first time father and daughter have seen each other since october of last year. for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> and please free to weigh in and would love to know your thoughts. >> painful. >> oh, my goodness. it is. well, enough of the suspense. it is out to l.a. the reveal is on. lara. >> i promise, robin. no more clues. this is it. the moment that we have all been
8:18 am
waiting for, season 18, i can't believe it, of "dancing with the stars." >> you're old. >> i know. >> oh, stop it. it's fresh. it's amazing. it kicks off in less than two weeks, speculation running wild about who will be on it. >> rampant. >> so, tom and erin andrews, take it away. >> all right, here we go. we're ready. we've got blue cards and everything. and i can hear stuff from new york so taking that out. all right. according to "maxim" magazine every red-blooded american male has had a crush on this competitor at some point in their lonely lives. she was the star of "the wonder years" and as comfortable on camera as she is with euclidean geometry. please welcome danica mckellar. [ applause ] >> oh, my. >> already has the moves. goodness. ooh, and a twirl. >> i know and a twirl. >> good morning, america to you. all right, you ready?
8:19 am
>> go for it. this australian pop singer and songwriter is just 17 years old which means get ready for all the girls to start screaming on the ballroom. will he now write about his new-found love on the dance floor? we'll find out. how about we bring out mr. cody simpson right now. [ applause ] >> whoo! >> i got to start using more hair gel. >> yeah, you do. >> i really do. >> and lower your pants. that's another show. >> as you get older, the pants come up. >> the force is with this star of stage and screen highlights from his career include two "star wars" films and starring opposite diana ross in "mahogany." let's hear it for landau, billy dee williams. >> oh. [ applause ]
8:20 am
>> all right. our next star has unbelievable endurance. she swam 110 miles from cuba to florida without a shark tank. i suggest she bring it to the ballroom to protect her against the judges. don't you think? >> yeah, definitely. >> i think that's a really good idea. please welcome world champion swimmer, diana nyad. [ applause ] >> good for her. [ applause ] >> everybody is dancing. >> i know. >> she has moves. >> oh, wow. >> all right. this star wears many hats, actress, author, producer, clothing designer, but you know her best as one of "the real housewives of atlanta" which she's also done without a shark tank. come on out, the one and only nene leakes. [ applause ]
8:21 am
>> oh, my, yes. >> i was going to wear leather pants. >> no one wears them better than nene. all right. get ready for a big-time rush right now because singer/actor james maslow is ready to rumba. >> i hear screaming already. >> come on. let's hear it. bring out james maslow. [ applause ] >> i know you saw his tmz footage out there in his bathing suit and everything. >> no, i missed that. >> well, wait till i pull it up for you. >> oh, okay, good enough. now, this former pro ice hockey player is known for his eclectic interests and worked as a restauranteur and a "vogue" intern. he has fancy footwork. on the ice. will it translate to the dance floor? say hello to sean avery. [ applause ]
8:22 am
>> may be the only one without a dance move tonight. >> that's a hustle. he's just keeping it. >> on the down-low. >> right. >> well, this funny man has done it all. he's had two shows running at the same time, his own sitcom, "whose line is it anyway?" but i guess you named it "the price is right," come on down, drew carey. god, he looks great. huh? really good. [ applause ] >> i told drew backstage at the rate he's already losing weight, by the time he's done this season, he'll weigh like 12 pounds. best known as d.j. tanner on "full house" now this mom of three has a full house of her own and a "new york times" best-seller. let's bring out candace cameron bure. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right.
8:23 am
well, this olympian took sochi by storm with his incredible ice dancing skills. he won the gold medal, but can he win the mirrorball trophy? he had all of us here in the united states cheering for him, please say hello to charlie white. [ cheers and applause ] one more. >> yeah. oh, yeah, we have a couple of twists here. we have another gold medal-winning olympian. in fact, she was charlie's partner for 17 years, but now she's competing against him in a bid for the mirrorball. come on out, meryl davis. [ cheers and applause ] >> ah. >> well, there you go. there they are all are, the stars of season 18 of "dancing with the stars." [ cheers and applause ]
8:24 am
>> very exciting. here they are. i'm going to start with meryl. congratulations. how is it going to be to be competing against your partner charlie? >> it's going to be different. i think we're excited for a little healthy competition, though. >> really. has the trash talking begun? >> it's brewing. >> fair enough. congratulations, and best of luck. charlie, i want to ask you, i would imagine that you can apply a lot of what you know and do so beautifully on the ice to the ballroom floor. what do you think? >> yeah, you know, its pretty different. obviously the way you move is completely different, so it's exciting to try something new. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> drew carey, i was asking if you dance in your personal life and you said? >> no, not really. >> this should get very interested. are you excited about the challenge? >> oh, very excited, yeah, yeah. since i lost the weight it's like all i want to do is physical stuff. big thing for me. i can't wait. >> looking forward to it. what do you think your specialty dance will be, charlie? >> oh, i'm going to have to go
8:25 am
with tango, you know, that passion. >> yeah. all right. i like a little passion. hi. >> hi. >> candace, how are you? >> great. >> great to see you. i know john stamos has said the cast is still so friendly. let me come to this side. i'm blinded by the light. very tight. do you think they'll come and cheer you on? >> i know they will. yeah, they're big supporters so -- >> how are your dance moves? >> i'm a great wedding dancer like that's when i dance, so, you know, i got my little carlton move. i'll bank on that. >> can't wait to ask the pros. nene, nene, can't wait to see the outfits. >> oh, my gosh, i'm so excited. i love clothes so i can't wait to wear one of those things those girls are wearing. >> are you going to go for it? >> i'm going to go for it. >> what do you think your chances are on "dancing with the stars"? >> oh, gosh, i don't know. i don't know. i don't have two left feet though. i can tell you that. i do not. >> i believe it. we'll talk to everyone when we come back. it is very exciting. tom and erin, more "dancing with the stars" when we return.
8:26 am
season 18 premieres march 17th on abc. [ applause ] stay with us, everybody on "good morning america." >> "good morning america's" dance party, the cast revealed is brought to you by walgreen's. walgreens at the corner of happy and healthy. greens at the corner of happy and healthy.
8:27 am
good morning. put your cell phone down and pay attention to the road. that should be every day, but especially today the message for drivers in san mateo county. traffic officers will target people using cell phones or texting people. violators face hefty traffic fines ranging $161 to more than $281. studies show drivers who use hand-held devices are four times more likely to get into a serious injury accident. >> a lot of slow and go. wet roads, slippery conditions. earlier accident in oakland. look at that backup now from the caldecott tunnel.
8:28 am
very slow up from 92. in the pleasant hill concord area, new accident 680 before gary. it's jammed. >> thanks. we'll check out your forecast
8:29 am
good morning to you. hazy sunshine from our roof camera. temperatures in the 50s. live doppler 7 hd shows a lot of cloud cover around the bay. outside chance of a shower with temperatures in the 50s. we'll see mid and upper 60s
8:30 am
today with mostly cloudy skies. a few sunny breaks. next chance of rain late tomorrow. ♪ ♪ it might seem crazy what i'm about to say ♪ >> there they are. the "dancing with the stars" true dancers in los angeles this morning where we have one-half really of our cast names. we have met the stars who will be competing who might they be competing with. still questions to answer. lara live in los angeles willing back there in just a moment. >> there's one more big celebrity also to reveal, as well and we're also celebrating here in new york. it's mardi gras and our band of revelers celebrating fat tuesday. ♪ right here in times square. ♪
8:31 am
♪ >> oh. >> good-bye, band of revelers. >> they don't do that in new orleans. >> bam, closing down on them. >> ready to see chelsea handler, as well. brand-new book out. >> chelsea. >> hi. >> first let's go back out to lara in l.a. >> great show. love the band. so excited 0 see the cast for "dancing with the stars" so we've met them. now the question everybody wants to know is who will they be competing against on season 18 and so i say to you, tom, let's do this. >> let's do it. let's do this. we are now going to tell you who they're dancing with. danica, you will be teaming up with -- it says here the what wering val chmerkovskiy, obviously they've never met him. he can teach you all about dance. hopefully you can teach him some life lessons like you did for
8:32 am
all of us in "the wonder years." >> perfect. all right, cody, ready for yours? is that a yes? >> yes. >> scream like those girls scream for you, cody. i'm just kidding. you will be partnering up with miss whitney carson. [ applause ] of course, this will be whitn whitney's first time. >> as a pro. >> competing for the mirrorball trophy. she's been with the troupe. i think they make a nice little duo there. nice color scheme. >> billy dee, you are paired with one who made it all the way to the times. meet emma slater. even though it was her first time as a pro. [ applause ] >> ooh. love that. [ applause ] >> ah. >> diana, you will be breaking in henry bilakof.
8:33 am
he's getting his shot as a mirrorball trophy. all right, henry. >> all right. nene, you'll be lucky to be dancing with the man who won the fiercely competitive dancing with the as far as all-star season, a man would can wear a scarve, tony dovolani. [ applause ] ♪ >> and, james, get ready to heat up the dance floor with the ever so hot, hot, hot peta murgatroyd, of course, she won season, what, 14? >> yeah, season 14. yeah. >> all right. >> now, saun you'll be dancing with someone who has won
8:34 am
mirrorball trophy and took second place with "high school musical's" corbin bleu, welcome karina smirnoff. [ applause ] >> me, okay. >> and, drew, you will be in very, very good hands with emmy nominated cheryl burke. [ cheers and applause ] of course, drew carey is cheryl's second drew, the two won her very first mirrorball trophy with drew lachey. >> that's right. candace, you are a lucky woman. it says so right here on my prewritten card. you got two-time champ dancing dynamo mark ballas as your partner. [ cheers and applause ] again, i really need to use more hair gel. >> yeah, absolutely. >> and charlie, you will be paired up with the woman who
8:35 am
made andy dick a dancer. sharna burgess. why are you laughing? >> did a great job. >> great. [ applause ] >> all right. >> meryl, meryl, you're in for a wild ride. he hasn't danced for us for two seasons, but he's back and i'll put on my kevlar butt pants now, that's right. you'll be dancing with maximksi chmerkovskiy. [ applause ] >> mwah. >> good to have you back, maks. >> very glad to have him back. poor meryl, she thought facing the olympics was hard. she pairs up with old maks there. >> now, there is one more, our 12th contender could not be here today, but take a look. >> hi, guys, i'm amy purred di paralimb bin snowboarder for
8:36 am
team usa. i can't wait to start dancing but i need a dance parter. who is it going to be? >> well, hello. >> and we do have derek hough here -- oh, there you are. there you are. popping up again. >> ready? >> ready. >> ready to do this. >> five mirrorball trophies under your belt and you're used to surprised on the show obviously. this year is a doozy. >> yeah, i'm really excited about it. >> will you share everybody the new twist. >> oh, the twist. >> not this one. >> within the show, within the show, right? >> yeah. >> okay, so for the first time ever on the show we're actually going to be at a point of the competition we're all going to switch partners and it's actually going to be up to america. they'll get a vote who they want
8:37 am
to see together and paired up. >> wow. >> so it's in your hands so it'll be fun, right? [ cheers and applause ] >> amazing. >> yeah. >> you guys like that idea? s>> all right. smi smirking maks. >> don't get too fond of your partner. things will change. >> so great. everybody, there they are, the entire cast of season 18 of "dancing with the stars." so thrilled to be part of the welcome to you all and, ginger, we saw your moves. wish you were out here. >> i wish i was too, lara. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations to everyone there on the cast and, of course, i will he be a little biased voting for derek because he was my partner yesterday. all these ladies from wisconsin. he low, nice and chilly making them feel right at home in new york city in the teens but it feels like the single digits. let's start in katy, texas.
8:38 am
cold too, freezing rain happening around houston. also from austin early this morning, major problem, power oo cf1 o not so in as we start californ and that mardi gras good tuesday morning. waking up to plenty of damp pavement. numbers in the mid 60s today. >> all that weather brought to you by the university of phoenix. thank you to such a great crowd for sticking it out even though it's so cold, robin. >> a brave lot. all right, ginger, thank you. we are still buzzing about the oscars this morning. what an amazing night on sunday. you know, they could still be partying there in hollywood. those after-parties are a huge part of the experience and our special guest d.l. huguely had unprecedented access to the
8:39 am
biggest bashes of all. >> i'm here with my dance partner from "dancing with the stars," season 16, cheryl burke and going by fantastic again. ♪ >> good morning, america. ♪ >> they are the a-list oscar parties. "vanity fair." did you have a great time tonight? >> i did. >> the academy governor's ball. music performed by john legend. ♪ i want to change my clothes high mare high face ♪ >> reporter: and elton john's fund raising soiree for his aids foundation. tickets cost from $3500 to $10,000. i'm here with elton skwop and his low-key watch and i have his diamond ring on >> that's mine. this goes back at midnight. >> this does go back at midnight. they brought their statues in the governor's ball with engraved nameplates attached. >> we make all together 40 different dishes but dessert. >> reporter: wolfgang puck
8:40 am
celebrated his 20th anniversary as the master chef and when the party is over, one last stop. 24-hour drive-in on sunset boulevard. >> my best comedian. >> which one. >> d.l. >> we won. >> he's always a great sport. elton john's oscars party really coming up big this year raising $5.1 million. for his aids foundation. you can still catch up on all the oscar scoop, go to our website at on yahoo! and it was the most watched oscars telecast in the last ten years. >> way over 40 million people. >> yeah. way to go, ellen. coming up, chelsea handler here live. [phones rings] it's amanda. hey sweetie. what? okay, i'll send it. one hundred seventy-two dollars for a chemistry book, what is it, made of gold? just use citi popmoney. boom. ah, she's feeling lucky.
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with citi popmoney it's easy to send money to just about anyone, anytime.r new chemistry book. visit your local branch or to learn more.
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8:43 am
>> back now with chelsea handler. the late night star who doesn't know the meaning of the word filter and now the host of "chelsea lately" out with her latest book, "uganda be kidding me." welcome to "gma." so the book is out today. >> the book comes out today. it's official. >> but you've already stirred up some trouble even before the book is officially -- >> what did i do now. >> the tweets you had sunday. a lot about your book. some connecting them to lupita nyong'o. some to "12 years a slave." pretty fierce reaction on twitter. struck many as racist. what do you think about that.
8:44 am
>> people are always upset with me about something. i don't take it personally. >> you did apologize. >> i said at the end i'm sorry just for being me. that was before the backlash. we had all our writers over and tweeting all night so some of them wrote some things, i wrote some other things. it's not a serious thing. it's not a serio sa seemed like some other things. it's not a serio sa seemed like connecting lupita nyong'o to your book because she is -- >> she's african so there a connection. >> she's african so there a connection. >> that's the co she's kenyan. o, yeah, there is a connection. o, yeah, there is >> i'm just wondering -- i was reading everything as it was coming in and i was just surprised at how fierce the reaction was. a lot saw it as racist. a lot thought it was tasteless, as well. it se apologized on sunday bu you're saying not l the bu you're saying not worried about that then
8:45 am
i would a lot of time online. producti racist. th would be -- that would be a difficult thing to explain to them. answered. >> asked the answered, the whole controve. >> >> t's about africa. it starts out in africa. i go on safari. a take a lot of my girlfriends and family and people away on vacations, i like to go on big trips where i don't belong and just, you know, and kind of embarrass our country like i do inland and on the mainland and then abroad. and we have really fun times so i thought i was kind of due for another book and then i started taking notes when we were in africa and then i thought, oh, i should write about a bunch of on a bunch more trips.s so i >> your mes for travels are a compass, snd a shotgun. joke, g i don't travel with a shotgun.
8:46 am
>> but just in case. >> or a compass really although i did have a compass at one point. i thi lost it. sense. book, what's you favorite? book, what'sell, mean, i went switzerland and tore my acl switzerland and tore my acl skiing. aken his gtal no one spoke eng akenter trip but it ended eng up being really funny and fun and it was -- ended up being a great story and i had morphine for the ime which was al eve had that. had morphine. >> i think you would like it. especially with your frame, it would really hit you. >> i guess i'll try it one more time. handle with care. the first thing that comes to your mind. eyler window. >> wow, aisle, you have to be get out as quickly as possible. >> first thing you unpack. >> my lip balm.
8:47 am
>> i hate it when. >> somebody next to me talks. >> i wish i could -- >> i wish i could travel all the time. >> i love to -- >> drink on planes. >> and biggest fear. >> biggest fear, oh, god, i'm not really fearful. i don't know. >> final question then. any chance of getting on "dancing with the stars"? >> "dancing with the stars"? i have a job. >> chelsea handler, thanks very much. the book is called "ug ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. save 25% when you buy two scotts fertilizers -- one to use now and one for later.
8:48 am
save 25% when you buy two scotts fertilizers -- save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.d everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential.
8:49 am
you have potential. you have...oh boy. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ i got a feeling >> ginger got involved here. officially the "gma" dance party is heating up because something has to in america. we have even more questions, though, for the newly revealed cast of "dancing with the stars." season 18 and some of them came from all of you, lara. what do you have? >> josh, i want to get back to derek hough because your partner amy purdy could not be with us.
8:50 am
please share why. >> she's actually competing at the paralympics for team usa as a snowboarder and actually a double amputee and so she's an incredibly courageous amazing woman and she's just all about defying the odds. i'll teach her how to dance. it's going to be amazing. >> that's going to be remarkable. best of luck to you and to amy. i want to get to the rest of the cast starting with cody simpson and cody, i understand a little birdie told me you and james from -- well, you guys have toured together. is there a built-in sort of rivalry. >> we toured together two sum r summers ago but there's a little competition. cody simpson, how are your dance moves? >> not bad. not bad. i'm trying to learn this whole like latin thing. i got to learn how to move my hips. >> oh. >> yeah. >> that quick. >> yeah.
8:51 am
>> diana nyad, everybody knows you because you swam from cuba to florida. are you up to the challenge? >> sorry. >> are you up to this challenge? >> you know, lara, the absurd thing is that in my little circle of friends i'm the dancer and now that i'm here and henry and i are trying a foxtrot i'm so miserable that it's beyond words. >> robin, diana says she can't dance. am i buying that? really? >> no, not buying it at all. don't buy it. >> i'm not buying it. >> you'll be there and james, you just finished touring. you're a great singer. i got to imagine you got moves. >> i can't consider a foxtrot on tour but i'm trying now. >> i'll move across, everybody. speaking of fox, hello, billy dee williams. >> oh, my. wi [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hi. >> all right. >> all right. >> billy dee --
8:52 am
>> it works every time. >> you didn't even do anything and it did. billy dee williams. are you going to do the ascot thing? >> this is my last hurrah. >> lara, i want to ask an off topic question. i'm glad you're doing our show but in a couple of months are you shooting i don't know a "star wars" movie? >> i don't know. >> that's a yes, i think. >> i have no idea. >> really. >> all right. >> landau calrussian and crushes around the world for you, danica. built-in fan base. do you feel like they're going to be there for you? are you reaching out to them? >> i hope they'll be there for me. i'm so excited. i've been a fan of "dancing with the stars" since the very beginning. ircan't believe i'm here. i'm just thrilled and hope to do a good job. >> guys, i have to say new york sean avery from the ice rink,
8:53 am
stand up. stand up. sean is a fashion plate. sean is a real fashion blade. your strategy is just trash talk. >> well, no, i was actually making coffee in the morning and i heard some guy trash talking behind me and ended up being drew carey. >> all right. here we go, everybody. i'm going to throw it back to new york.
8:54 am
8:55 am
big thanks to our friends at
8:56 am
the louisiana office of tourism in baton rouge for sending us so much mardi gras, the bead, the king cake, the revelers that came all the way here. those authentic king cakes made by randazzo bakery in slidell. throw me something, mister. throw me something. >> i love the way you say mardi gras. >> i no he. mardi gras. >> big thanks also to lara and the whole gang from "dancing with the stars" out in l.a. >> now it's mardi gras. >> have a nice day, everyone. enjoy your mardi gras.
8:57 am
8:58 am
[ male announcer ] this is smooth and precise on-road handling. this is easy-to-use off-road capability when you need it. this is seventy and counting safety and security features. ♪ this is total confidence and comfort. in the middle of crowds or in the middle of nowhere. this is the freedom to keep chasing all the horizons you want. introducing the all-new 2014 jeep cherokee. ♪
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good morning. looks like we'll be getting a brief break before the return of more wet weather. we put away the umbrella. >> we have. we have sunshine here. you go up a couple thousand feet and it's a different story with mist and low visibility. this is mt. tam. looking at 50s around the bay. visibility is the worst at the coast and inland east bay. mid and upper 60s today. rain late tomorrow. >> visibility and wet roads still a problem with this morning'mmute. in san jose area, let's go north 101 past story. accident multivehicle blocking a lane there. in cupertino, blocking the
9:00 am
middle lane of traffic there, as well. >> thanks a lot. have a great day. we'll all next on "live." now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]


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